About Us

The REVAMP Advantage

 REVAMP employees are instilled with the prestigious and well-rounded curriculums of Marquette University’s Real Estate Program (Ranked 11th in the Nation) and backed by The Center for Real Estate. We hire exceptional and dedicated students from all areas of study to assist with each unique property need. 

Our company offers advantages including:

  •  Competitive pricing
  • In-depth knowledge and ability to cater towards a younger generation
  • Central location in downtown Milwaukee
  • Innovative solutions and technology to handle modern problems

Promoting Superior Asset Value

Through consistent communication with the owner and tenant, we employ the industry’s latest technology, efficient strategies, and youthful connection in order to satisfy the goals of our clients. Our team keeps a focused approach on the Milwaukee housing market by providing the following services:  

  • Financial Reporting & Operational Budgeting/Analysis  
  • Capital Improvement Assessments, Advice, and Implementation 
  • Facility Maintenance & Energy Management  
  • Strategic Planning and Lease Management including Tenant Retention & New Tenant Formation 


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